The Bitterness of Equilibrium

Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. Good and evil. These were the dualities of the ancient world. Although these forces ever fought and spiraled within humanity's soul, one never overcame the other. Balance was the true goal, the true reality. The forces of nature were always in-balance, always in cyclical seasons of time. Day, night. … Continue reading The Bitterness of Equilibrium


Sweet Oak and Burnt Bog

I said that I was going to do something for Canada day, but to be honest, I was rather busy. Namely enjoying the day. But I've been neglecting this poor little blog for far too long, and it's time to make a serious comeback. So for Canada day (nine days late), here is my review, … Continue reading Sweet Oak and Burnt Bog

‘Tis the Saison

Pardon the pun-riddled title, but by Mid May, there are more than a few co-related events that occur. First, it is the last days of Temperate Spring into Blistering Summer. As the rains dry and the days get hotter, people start to emerge from their shelter into the wide world of sunlight. Or, if you're … Continue reading ‘Tis the Saison

Old, Yet New.

History has given us plenty of outliers across the world. The Avant-Garde, rather than referring to pretentious French Cinema with an absurdist bent, has gifted the world with alternatives and change. Variety is offered by mad geniuses, oft unappreciated, who buck trends and follow their own instinct. These same nutjobs, though, can be just idiotic. … Continue reading Old, Yet New.