The Bitterness of Equilibrium

Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. Good and evil. These were the dualities of the ancient world. Although these forces ever fought and spiraled within humanity's soul, one never overcame the other. Balance was the true goal, the true reality. The forces of nature were always in-balance, always in cyclical seasons of time. Day, night. … Continue reading The Bitterness of Equilibrium


Speaking of Wine

Two weeks ago, I wrote a briefing on beer glasses. I must apologize for the delay: I've been having a hard time finding new beer, and new material on brewing to opine about. That said, It's high time I went back into giving a good long look at some fabulous beers, as well as some … Continue reading Speaking of Wine

Where are my Glasses?

In the world of wine, there seems to be a special glass for every damn bottle. It's one of the reasons, least-ways in my view, why wine has such an elitist reputation. In order to "properly" enjoy the immense library of wine-types, both red and white, you need to invest a few thousand dollars into … Continue reading Where are my Glasses?

Hail to the Hammer

He has many names. The Thunderer. The Giant-Hunter. The great fisherman. The Hammerer. Odinsson. His deeds ring through tremulous history. He has killed beasts beyond reckoning. Hunted giants of fierce and irate repute. Dragged great serpents from the sea by their very tongues, to brag and win a contest, and heave the behemoth back beneath … Continue reading Hail to the Hammer