The Bitterness of Equilibrium

Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. Good and evil. These were the dualities of the ancient world. Although these forces ever fought and spiraled within humanity's soul, one never overcame the other. Balance was the true goal, the true reality. The forces of nature were always in-balance, always in cyclical seasons of time. Day, night. … Continue reading The Bitterness of Equilibrium


Getting Wild

Halloween has more than one source of influence. Yes, Pagan Harvest festivals where people dressed up as demons come to mind. Originally a Celtic feast-day, the Christian world added the ghosts and goblins to it for seasoning. It was far from modern-day inventions, with the candy and the costumes and the consumerism. Back then, it … Continue reading Getting Wild


Halloween has a history. It isn't just a holiday where people dress like morons. The domain of trickery and treat-giving comes from a colourful history of paganism, wild sex orgies and crazy alcoholism. It stems back from old Celtic cults dawning in the land of Ancient Rome. Pagans adopted the shape of their gods and … Continue reading Dress

Sugar, Spice and Yeast

The season is Autumn, and the winds of the month of October carry the scent of pumpkin and nutmeg. This time of year brings pumpkin pie, brings turkey and candy, brings apples embraced by caramel. It's a month to be joyous, far more than December with its snow and obnoxious carols. Bah Humbug. As pretty … Continue reading Sugar, Spice and Yeast