Sunset on the Summer

The summer is coming to a close, and as September looms ahead, I feel inclined to look back at the fire-months I have survived through. I normally hate summer; not so much for the heat or the fresh air, and certainly not for the lack of snow and ice. I have not but contempt for … Continue reading Sunset on the Summer


Raise Another Horn

In a previous review, I took a look at a Swedish lager and found it relatively tame. That is, until I gave it a swig out of my own drinking horn. Mead horns, for their barbaric aesthetic, lend a depth to beers that is wholly unique. They provide a richness to lagers and a sweetness … Continue reading Raise Another Horn

An Existential Crisis.

I am befuddled. I was expecting to write a bitter, sarcastic, asinine review of what I was assured would be the worst beer every brewed. A lager so lacking, a brew so bastardized, a drink from the dregs of Hell's lowest frozen pit. But when I bought it, I wasn't taken aback by the awfulness … Continue reading An Existential Crisis.


Special, But Not so Bitter

Looking at the world of Beer trends, there always seems to be a type that catches either the public or critical imagination. This goes back far into history: when the Bavarian purity laws came into place in the Seventeenth century, German beer became really goddamn popular because it actually tasted good and wasn't full of … Continue reading Special, But Not so Bitter


A Brief Delay

I am normally supposed to post a review on Fridays, but today, I've hit a bit of a snag. Most weeks, I have the beers on the block decided by Sunday, but this week, things were thrown a touch off-kilter. I am currently looking through my extensive notes on which beer to look at, but … Continue reading A Brief Delay