Far North

The labourer is a person perpetually overlooked today. Sometimes romanticized, oftentimes vilified, men and women who engage in back-breaking have rare impact upon our culture. Sure, the Discovery Channel will signal-boost crab-fishers, lumberjacks and garbagemen. Indeed, we've seen these gentlemen and ladies, many of whom have a rough-and-tumble look, building roads and fixing lamps. I … Continue reading Far North



Imps and devils are mischievous. They trick, they deceive, they pull immature pranks by setting fires and stealing your shoes. Creatures of the forest, of the dark depths beneath the earth, creatures of shadow hide away from prying eyes, yet delight in causing us mortals trouble. As trickster's go, they are the kings. Gremlins and … Continue reading Goblins.

God’s Green Earth

Sometimes, children are picky eaters. They don't like food that they haven't had before. Anything bitter or savory catches their infantile-ire: mushrooms, broccoli, and other goddamn tasty shit. I was no exception to this rule. Kids are, for the most part, stupid little gits who have no concept of scarce food. Unless a kid grows … Continue reading God’s Green Earth


Canada 150 Aftermath: Behold! The Lists.

In the wake of my two-week project to review a beer for each decade of Canada's existence, I have been tempted to write a follow-up conclusion. In it, I Will rank each of the fifteen beers I drank in order of my preference. That way, I can pretend to be a real reviewer, and my … Continue reading Canada 150 Aftermath: Behold! The Lists.


Beer the Last: Earth-End

Well, this is it. The Apocalypse. The abyss yawns before us, and I have a key for the only bridge across it. From the light and offensive, to the murky and sweet, to the potent elder gods of yore. The brews I've seen gave a glimpse of a world dreamed in restless sleep. Of winter … Continue reading Beer the Last: Earth-End